2 Rue Moulin Bas - 24620 Les Eyzies de Tayac Sireuil
Tél : + 33(0)5 53 06 94 33

Le Moulin de la Beune et son restaurant Au Vieux Moulin:

L'adresse idéale pour un séjour de rêve aux Eyzies de Tayac Sireuil - Périgord Noir

The water gardens - Carsac

The remarkable garden of Perigord

31 km from the Moulin de la Beune

Half an hour drive from your hotel, 3 hectares of gardens and water games on the hillside will delight young and old.

Pools, waterfalls, streams and lush vegetation, flowers from May to October create a unique universe.

You will admire the lotus and water lilies exotic, tall on stem, pastel colors or blue-violet, with marbled foliage, whose flowering is spread over several months. You will walk through the aquatic labyrinth: a 2800 m² pool covered by more than 500 m of footbridges to watch and observe aquatic plants and animals.

You can even play with the water games thanks to a "mobile" application
A universe not to be missed near the Moulin de la Beune.

In July and August, learn about the nocturnes aquatic: a fairy fairy!

THE WATER GARDENS - Saint Rome - 24200 Carsac - Aillac

Click on the map for the detailed route: Hotel Moulin de la Beune Les Eyzies - The water gardens


Hôtel Le Moulin de la Beune
Restaurant Au Vieux Moulin

2 Rue Moulin Bas
F-24620 - Les Eyzies de Tayac Sireuil
Périgord Noir - Dordogne

Tél : + 33(0)5 53 06 94 33

Réception : + 33(0)9 66 91 49 40


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