Le Moulin de la Beune et son restaurant Au Vieux Moulin:

L'adresse idéale pour un séjour de rêve aux Eyzies de Tayac Sireuil - Périgord Noir

Cavern of Lascaux

Discover prehistory in Perigord

Less than 25 km from the Moulin de la Beune

With Lascaux IV - opened in 2016 - you will visit a complete replica of the original cave

Opening of Lascaux IV: It is above all the complete replica of the original cave! (Lascaux II only showed you 40% of the original cave)

This replica took 3 years of work so that you can contemplate and feel the authentic emotion of the discovery of the cave, and dive back into the univess of its discovery and more, in the universe of its creation from its origin .

The paintings paintings and engravings are reproduced with a precision never equaled .. But the visit of the cave is only part of Lascaux IV.

A large part of the buildings will make you discover and rediscover the history of lascaux, from its origins to its discovery in 1940 which made it one of the most prestigious archaeological discoveries of the twentieth century.

Listed in 1979 as a world heritage site by UNESCO Lascaux must be visited during your visit or your stay in Périgord

An exceptional visit not to be missed!

Click on the map for the detailed itinerary: Hotel Moulin de la Beune Les Eyzies - Cave of Lascaux


Hôtel Le Moulin de la Beune
Restaurant Au Vieux Moulin

2 Rue Moulin Bas
F-24620 - Les Eyzies de Tayac Sireuil
Périgord Noir - Dordogne

Tél : + 33(0)5 53 06 94 33

Réception : + 33(0)9 66 91 49 40


Coordonnées GPS :  44.934997, 1.015039



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