Cavern of Lascaux

Discover prehistory in Perigord

Less than 25 km from the Moulin de la Beune

With Lascaux IV - opened in 2016 - you will visit a complete replica of the original cave

Opening of Lascaux IV: It is above all the complete replica of the original cave! (Lascaux II only showed you 40% of the original cave)

This replica took 3 years of work so that you can contemplate and feel the authentic emotion of the discovery of the cave, and dive back into the univess of its discovery and more, in the universe of its creation from its origin .

The paintings paintings and engravings are reproduced with a precision never equaled .. But the visit of the cave is only part of Lascaux IV.

A large part of the buildings will make you discover and rediscover the history of lascaux, from its origins to its discovery in 1940 which made it one of the most prestigious archaeological discoveries of the twentieth century.

Listed in 1979 as a world heritage site by UNESCO Lascaux must be visited during your visit or your stay in Périgord

An exceptional visit not to be missed!

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Castle and gardens of Milandes

The house of Josephine Baker

Only 20 km from the Moulin de la Beune

Built in 1489, this enchanting residence reveals a Renaissance architecture with magnificent Gothic elements.

Its history, or rather, that of its occupants over the centuries is worthy of a novel by Alexandre Dumas.
Particularly during the wars of religion which saw, among other tragic events, the empoissement of the master of the places.
Abandoned to the revolution it was bought and restored in 1900 by a French industrialist attached to the Sarladais: Charles Auguste Claverie.

It is Josephine Baker who made known to the world ...

Josephine Baker, a real star, a name, a legend of the song, but also of humanity.

"All men do not have the same color, the same language, nor the same manners, but they have the same heart, the same blood, the same need of love."

A castle, a memory, a legend ..

A site not to be missed during your stay in Périgord!

You can also see a raptor show: about 70 raptors live at the castle.

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Limeuil in Périgord

Medieval city and panoramic gardens

11 km from the Moulin de la Beune

Located on the site of the old fortified castle at the top of a village classified as "most beautiful villages of France", the panoramic gardens overlook the confluence of the Dordogne-Vézère rivers.

With their 360 ° panorama of the landscapes and roofs of the medieval village of Limeuil, the Panoramic Gardens make you enjoy a position out of the ordinary!

Limeuil knew the Viking invasions and the Hundred Years War, of which only the three fortified gates can still testify.

Old harbor with intense commercial activity, the medieval village with stone houses and brown roofs typical of Périgord Noir is a charming and refreshing stop.

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La Roque Saint Christophe

The largest troglodyte site in Europe !

11 km from the Moulin de la Beune

Remarkable for its powerful forms, its number of habitats and its age of occupation by the man, this site constitutes a frame of a rare and wild beauty.

This veritable wall of limestone, one kilometer long and 80 meters high, constantly undermined by the river and the frost, has widened with a hundred rock shelters and long aerial terraces.
These natural cavities were occupied by man since Prehistory and then modified to become a fort and a city from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the Renaissance.

You will discover the imprint left by our ancestors on the rock as well as a conservatory of civil engineering machinery reconstituted in tribute to the great medieval builders.
Cut flints, engraved bones, musical instruments, weapons and prehistoric tools, burials, testify to the presence of the man with the Roque saint Christiphe since at least 55 000 years until modern times.

Indeed, during the appearance of metals, prehistoric shelters were remodeled to make impregnable refuges.
In the Middle Ages, the population grows and the cliff is gradually transformed into strong and cited.

Prehistory and History meet on the site of Roque Saint Christophe to offer you a unique site of discoveries

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The hanging gardens of Marqueyssac

A belvedere on the Dordogne

22 km from the Moulin de la Beune

Listed site, the romantic and picturesque gardens of Marqueyssac offer around a castle covered with slate of the early nineteenth century, more than 6 kilometers of shaded walks, lined with 150 000 hand-cut trees, and decorated with gazebos, rockeries , cascades and theaters of greenery ...

In Marqueyssac, the boxwood is highlighted with a whim full of movement all in roundness and sheer size. These are now the most visited gardens in Périgord.

Set on a rocky outcrop, the 22-hectare park overlooks the valley with its high cliffs.

From Belvédère de la Dordogne, 130 meters above the river, unfolds the most beautiful panorama of Périgord, witnessing a rich historical past and a magnificent natural heritage.
This exceptional view embraces the whole valley, its castles and its most beautiful villages in France: Beynac, Fayrac, Castelnaud, Roque-Gageac and Domme ...

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