Cavern of Rouffignac

17 km from The Moulin de la Beune

In the heart of the Périgord Noir, a few kilometers from the prestigious Vézère Valley, the cave of Rouffignac, is a huge cave.

It was successively frequented by cave bears and prehistoric artists, and canned spectacular testimonials

There are more than 250 animal representations of 150 centuries scattered in this underground labyrinth.

On board an electric train, the visit allows, without fatigue, to dive into the mysterious universe of caves and discover the art of hunter-gatherers of prehistory.
Privileged place of diffusion of the knowledge, the cave of Rouffignac regularly hosts scientific exhibitions.

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Chasm of Padirac

130 years of history for an extraordinary underground adventure

At 79 km from the Moulin de la Beune (Approximately 1 hour 30 drive)

Discovered 130 years ago by Edouard Alfred Martel, this chasm has never ceased to amaze young and old, as it contains surprises and discoveries.

The Chasm of Padirac is the monumental entrance of a natural cavity, about 35 meters in diameter.

At the bottom of this chasm, 103 meters deep, the light fades, the temperature stabilizes around 13 ° all year.
A river welcomes you and according to its meanders and you discover a succession of vaulted rooms, all more breathtaking than each other.

Visit the Chasm of Padirac will remain for you an unforgettable memory
Be careful however, take your precautions to buy your tickets (Online, impossible to buy them for the same day and, on the spot, the queue is sometimes very long!)

In 2019, the Gouffre de Padirac celebrates 130 years of the discovery of its galleries by Edouard-Alfred Martel Together, let's live the incredible underground adventure during this exceptional anniversary year, punctuated by cultural and festive events unpublished!

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Castle of Castelnaud

Museum of war in the Middle Ages

Only 25 km from the Moulin de la Beune

Founded in the twelfth century ,, taken over by Simon de Montfort in Cathares, the castle returns to its rightful owners in 1273.

After having been the property of several figures of the history of France he is abandoned to the Revolution then, serves as quarry of stones.

It has been restored from 1966 to 2012

It is, today, a real museum From the war to the Middle Ages. You will discover catapults, trebuchets, bombardes and other machines of war with dimensions outside norms.

But also maquetets, a museum and lots of activities and animations

One of the - many - must-see sites in Périgord

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The water gardens - Carsac

The remarkable garden of Perigord

31 km from the Moulin de la Beune

Half an hour drive from your hotel, 3 hectares of gardens and water games on the hillside will delight young and old.

Pools, waterfalls, streams and lush vegetation, flowers from May to October create a unique universe.

You will admire the lotus and water lilies exotic, tall on stem, pastel colors or blue-violet, with marbled foliage, whose flowering is spread over several months. You will walk through the aquatic labyrinth: a 2800 m² pool covered by more than 500 m of footbridges to watch and observe aquatic plants and animals.

You can even play with the water games thanks to a "mobile" application
A universe not to be missed near the Moulin de la Beune.

In July and August, learn about the nocturnes aquatic: a fairy fairy!

THE WATER GARDENS - Saint Rome - 24200 Carsac - Aillac

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Castel of Beynac

An authentic castle of Périgord

Less than 20 km from the Moulin de la Beune

This authentic castle of the Middle Ages in Périgord dominates the Dordogne from the top of a vertiginous cliff for more than 9 centuries!
From the top of this ciradel, contemplate 5 centuries of the history of France, and follow the footsteps of Richard Lionheart, Aliénor of Aquitaine, Simon de Montfort and the Hundred Years War.

From the defensive rigor of its 12th century dungeon to the Renaissance staircase through the impressive hall of the 15th century Baronnies du Périgord, the cuisine of the 13th century and its exceptional barbican, its exceptional state of conservation offers an unforgettable journey in the middle of the Middle Ages.

Between heaven and earth, from the top of the keep of XIVe, the 152 meters of steep on the Dordogne will offer you an unforgettable sight on the splendid valley of 5 castles.

To visit Beynac is to experience a total immersion dive in the heart of history.

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