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Les Eyzies de Tayac Sireuil

Les Eyzies de Tayac Sireuil has, to date, the largest concentration of listed sites and classified France.

Some of these riches are part since 1979 inventory UNESCO.
But the common interest is not just to prehistory.
Indeed, it also has very important medieval heritage treasures.

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Sarlat La Caneda

Sarlat, city of art and history, offers visitors exceptional wealth both by the diversity of its momuments, by its unforgettable scenery or, and perhaps especially, shall we say its gastronomy: truffles and foie gras fat!

Walk in Sarlat market day, your taste buds will shudder of pleasure and desire and your wallet may suffer somewhat from your greed.

Be careful though to buy genuine local products, because, despite regular checks by the authorities, it may be that as a package "authentic", hide products that are not! This small problem aside, the market of Sarlat is ESSENTIAL!

Founded ago over a thousand years, Sarlat has retained a heritage architectural exceptional twelfth century to the present day and the birthplace of characters illustrious among which we quote:


- La Boetie: born in 1530, he wrote "Discourse on Voluntary Servitude" which still constuitue one of the pillars of modern democracy. He was the friend of Montaigne.

- Fenelon tutor of the Dauphin, Duke of Burgundy, later banished from the Court of France because of his ideas concerning the power sharing, too avant-garde for the time.

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Castle of Commarques

From its towers, 15,000 years of history look down upon you ...

Indeed, this site allows you to touch the history of mankind since time préhsitoriques until modern times.

Prehistoric Cave Commarque will make you feel the first signs of human labor in Périgord

The cave dwellings (medieval period) reconstituted does not leave you indifferent and you will measure the progress made since then in terms of comfort and quality of life

Finally, the castle and its Romanesque tower that dominate the Beune Valley will give you an idea of ​​the power of the Lords of Beynac and Commarque prevailing here in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries

Various animations allow you, if you want to spend the day on picnic areas or to learn archery or to attend chivalry tounois!

A must visit with family, a few minutes from the Moulin de la Beune.

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Chateau de Commarques - Plan d'accès

Water gardens

3 hectares of gardens and hillside water games will delight young and old.

Ponds, waterfalls, streams and lush vegetation, flowering from May to October to create a unique world.

You will admire the exotic lotus and water lilies, on high stem, or pastel blue-violet color, marbled foliage, whose flowering sprawls out over several months.

You'll wander in the water maze: a pool of 2800 m² covered by more than 500 m of bridges to watch and observe aquatic plants and animals. You can even play water games with an application "mobiles"

Map gardens water

A world not to be missed near the Moulin de la Beune.

In July and August, find on aquatic night: a light extravaganza!

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Plan d'accès Les jardins d'eau

La Roque Gajeac

Ranked among the most beautiful villages in France, at the foot of a cliff and facing south, the village of La Roque Gajeac enjoys an almost Mediterranean climate.

Mecca rides barges, traditional flat-bottomed boats you can embark for pleasant walks tasty spiced with anecdotes by guides distilled from raw to talk often quite picturesque.

Take the narrow streets and venture to the foot of the cliff to get great views of the river ... or even rent a canoe and let yourself drift on the lazy river was the banks covered rollers conducive to relaxation and relaxation.

Visit the troglodyte fort located 40 meters above the cliffs of La Roque Gageac. Significant remains of the building from the 12th century are still standing.


Just below the cave fortress is one of the most impressive buildings in Vitrac - Renaissance Manoir de Tarde with its round tower and mullioned windows.

Le Manoir de Tarde - Renaissance - with its round tower and its mullioned windows imposes exotic garden while a "tropical style" created in 1970 to confirm the microphone almost Mediterranean climate of this charming and picturesque small town.

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Les plus beaux villages de France

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Chateau des Milandes

The castle of Milandes is primarily a tribute to Josephine Baker who marked forever his mark

Castle, labeled "House of Illustrious" in 2012 is above all a place honoring one of the most extraordinary women of the twentieth century.
It is also incredibly inhabited by the soul of the artist.

"All men have not the same color, the same language nor the same manners, but they have the same heart, the same blood, the same need for love."
- Josephine Baker

But beyond the memory of Josephine Baker, you will discover a beautiful French garden and a bird of prey show.

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  Mi Desmedt
Artist, etcher and engraver

Mi Desmedt is an accomplished artist, etcher and engraver, inventing new engraving and printing techniques to capture the ever changing nature of the landscapes, river scenes and seascapes that inspire her. Her work can be found in hundreds of art collections world-wide.

"I'm looking for the poetry in the things that we see all around us every day. Things change continuously with the seasons, with the time of day: light, reflections in the water, the length of shadows, and other such beautiful qualities - they are never the same. It is their sense of movement that I strive to capture and convey. Terms such as abstract and figurative loose their meaning in this context, I focus on texture."

Originally from Belgium, Mi traveled all over the world, before settling in the Dordogne in the South of France in 1988, where she has been concentrating her efforts on colour prints, using her own unique etching method. Since '88, Mi has been able to draw inspiration from several sabbaticals in Morocco, Uruguay and elsewhere.

Mi has exhibited in galleries and cultural centres in Europe, the United States and Latin America. You can check out Mi's current exhibitions here.

If not at her Atelier d'Artiste, Mi spends her time exploring and sketching the Dordogne or visiting the studio of fellow artist and friend Piet Devolder.

Do not hesitate to consult his site or even better to go to his workshop:

Atelier Mi Desmedt
Route du Bugue
24220 - Meyrals